Work In Progress "Space Tourism"

The first new challenge in 2021

The focus lies at "tourism". Space is only the stage for this topic. And I wanted to work with a cell-shader material using Blender 2.91. Just to get more experience with Eevee and cartoon style.

I created an octopus, called 'Five-o-pus', because he has only five arms/legs. I did this to keep it simple for me. Rigging five arms and animating them instead of eight.

Also I copied a method from the web to create an black outline of the object.
It uses the solidify modifier, with inverted normals. So only the backside of the solidified copy is visible. On places where the original isn't. It works, but it has also strange Eevee quirks.

Toxic environment


Introducing 'Five-O-Pus', an octopus with three legs less.

I struggled with the eyes where to place them. One of the five trunks is now in the middle. No mouth to model. And it resemblance an elephant.

The model is very low poly. I could add more, but I'm on a deadline now. But I think this character has more potentional.



Exhaust shader.

This engine was the first new object to model for the challenge. Goal was to have an (animated) configurable engine exhaust material. It is not a complex material node to construct. But it has its pittfals.

  • Colorful beam from hot to ultra hot
  • Transparent beams, flames.

But at the end I didn't used it. Ending up with a different scene composition. More close-up.


UFO Engine combinations.

I had more combinations in mind. Because I wanted to create a long road of space vehicles. All Tourists on sightseeing tours Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, etc.

But I canceled this plan because I created 'Five-O-Pus' which has more appeal (to me at least).

Engine test burn

A short animation to test the engine mobility

This animation showed some problems, like the texture doesn't follow the object z-axis, but world axis. I applied some bone rotation constrictions. Preventing the engine rotation into the frame construct or so.

One lamp

Two if you count the inner shop light.

Final scene

There is so much to do.

I really like to improve 'Five-O-Pus' as a character. Creating a high-poly version with more details.

Like to have more material design on the holographic parts. And overall materials and colors. Currently i'm viewing some online procedural-shading tutorials from Amazing stuff and well explained by Simon Thommes.